We at Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association (MLDA) believe that building awareness of rare diseases is very important. This is because the daily life of patients and families with rare diseases can be challenging, and at some point, frustration and stress can make them feel like giving up. The complexity of rare diseases, the strong relation to disability and the current unmet social needs must not be underestimated. This disease requires urgent attention from all stakeholders involved in care provision, i.e. from healthcare, social and community services.

In line with this, we are thankful that MY1200 organizer are willing to assist MLDA to create greater awareness in conjunction with World Rare Disease Day 2020.  The program is always there to remind everyone that it’s with each pedal stroke that we should be reminded those less fortunate, of those ailing and even those who are no longer with us. The ride in MY1200 is hard, which for the entire team, only makes the day more joyous and meaningful!

We hope every Malaysian will come together to support this event and play a part in building a better tomorrow for each other. Kindly log in to http://iiumedic.net/my1200/2019/registration/ to register for the cycling.


How to donate?

We have two ways for you to donate.

  1. Adopt a Hope and Ride with Hope to save a life.

Hope adoption is a campaign where you can #ShowYouCare and support our cause. Every funds collected will be used to provide medical assistance or buy medical equipment for LSD patients. The price for each Hope is RM150, you can make a payment to Pertubuhan Penyakit Lisosomal Malaysia, 3169692035 (Public Bank Berhad) and fill this form to make an order https://forms.gle/9w5JLKMwnmu6mcpn8.

Or, you can donate directly to us thru;

2. Online transfer at Pertubuhan Penyakit Lisosomal Malaysia, Public Bank Berhad (Account No., 3169692035). Please write a reference of MY1200KM before you make the payment.

3. Or, Boost e-wallet (please scan this QR code to donate)